Friday, May 14, 2010

Handmade Medicine Bags.

Hello Everyone,
   I recently went to washington dc and got the great opportunity stroll through the Native American Smithsonian center/museum and I could have spent all day in there.
I was in love with everything I saw.  The colors, the textures, the materials, etc.
One recurring theme that really drew me in was the medicine/talisman bags that I saw.
It started getting me thinking about what medicine really means to different people..and Im not talking about pills...Im talking about things that make us feel better personally.
Whether it be the scent of lavender, a keepsake stone from the beach or a crystal, even a photo.
I thought it would look through my box of scraps and see if I could try to make a mountain girl version of a medicine bag.
So far I am in love with making them and hopefully my customers will enjoy seeing them as well.
Some have pockets and some are just a hanging glimpse of something pretty and eclectic that hangs from the neck that might make someone else seeing it smile, as well as the person wearing it.
Thanks for sharing a bit of your Friday with me...I'll be posting the medicine bags and other new fun tops and dresses this afternoon <3


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