Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Shoot at Mindfull Books and Ephemera

After waking up this morning to freezing rain I said THAT'S IT!  
I'm going to go to the most interesting warm and cozy place I know and I will take my Mountain Girl pics inside...
Luckily the most interesting place i know is less then a 10 minute drive from my house...well...15 if you count the Volvo trudging behind many plows through the mucky mess in the roads..
I went to Mindfull Books and Ephemera  and the owner John(he runs it with his amazing wife Martha) was wonderful and allowed us to do our shoot there...with some really tasty coffee!
My beautiful friend Heather Miller created this hand painted sign and has many more amazing paintings inside as well!
You can see some more of her work here at Heady Art Works 
Mindfull Books and Ephemera is a community shop with a cozy bohemian atmosphere(perfect for Mountain Girl!), where you can sip a cup of java(or tea if that's your thing) surrounded by used and vintage books, paper, art, collectibles, music and gorgeous bright colors adorning the walls!
PS. even the toilet seat cover is multicolor in pink tones, I almost died when I first saw it and have been searching high and low for my own since
sigh...I have no life. 

Here are some pictures we took this morning(items to be posted this afternoon!):

If you are local (around the Southern  NH Area) sure to check out Mindfull's frequent Psychic Fairs including tea leaf readings and hand readings...I love it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Perfectly Paired Outfit Monday

Hello!  I am so in love with many shops on Etsy but I do have a few all time favorites..I decided it would be fun to combine them all by picking an item from each to create this Monday's "Perfecrtly Paired Outfit"....
Lets start from the ground up:
 Vintage 70s Floral Gingham Patchwork Moccasins..
I love these and Im tempted to buy then
They are from ViralThreads 
and thes amazing leggings by ComaAndCotton: 
and for some extra warmth I'd have to wear a pair of MGC legwarmers 
I had a little trouble picking out a top for this outfit but I KNEW I found it when I browsed through HerbanDevi's handmade clothing! ...yes please!
 last but not least I would wear it all topped off with this amazing necklace from VioletBella and this hat from SwakDesigns..

Post a link to a piece that you would put with this outfit..I want to know!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Here Comes Spring...and 20% off all Mountain Girl Purchases!

Here is my new banner to celebrate the NEW spring clothing I have coming!
Do you like it? Let me know please...
Also....Im happy to let everyone know about a 20% off ENTIRE purchase sale going on at Mountain Girl right now! There are some great new dresses and tops in the shop.
This sale is for all my customers who can't wait to burst out of their winter blues shell!
It was 60 degrees today in NH and I really wanted to spread that warmth to everyone else!

I'm having one of those days where I am a bit ashamed of going to get my hair done...has anyone else ever felt like that? 
I KNOW I needed it trimmed(OKAY and highlighted)..but part of me wanted to call and cancel the appointment so I could save the's still so hard to spend money on MYSELF, is that just part of being a woman...does it ever go away?
...does anyone else ever feel that way? mom sent me this video and it cheered me up from my post salon hangover guilt fest.
This is probably the BEST and funniest video I've seen in a long time....Sangria anyone?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Found: Salvation Army Trip

Here are some AMAZING finds today...and I didn't spend more then $40 on everything combined! 
Outfit #1:
 -Wrap Floral Print Vintage Polyester Blouse: $3.50 with a matching tie! (had to snatch this one off the mannequin...always feel weird doing that!)
-Amazing Orange Vintage VELVET high waisted bell bottoms...$5!!!  Probably my new favorite pants...

Outfit #2: 
-Handmade Girly Crochet Hat: $1
-Floral Print Thermal: $3
-Woven Fringe Scarf/Hip Wrap: $2
-White supser soft and long legwarmers: $1

Here are my FAVORITE finds of the day: 

-AMAZING vintage black and white print/fur lace up winter boots....for $6!! I almost died when I saw these AND they fit perfectly
-Silver Metallic Leggings...$2  they sparkle in the sunshine....


This little lounging vintage Kewpie babe was just sitting there waiting for me to pick him up at the Salvation Army today!
And these very cute Raggedy Ann and Andy Mini Twin Piggy Banks...

I can't quite figure out if they are VERY adorable or VERY creepy yet....
What do you think?
Mountain Girl

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The $28 Recycled Yoga Pant Collection Spring 2011 I know I am jumping the gun here
BUT I heard a chickadee yesterday morning so I have officially started clothing for the spring 2011 collection for Mountain Girl!
I wanted to bring back the $28 yoga pants from last spring  so I am happy to announce I have made a whole bunch over the last 24 hours and here they are....
to be posted this afternoon!
I also wanted to share a link to listen to the new Iron and Wine cd for free!
It's a great listen:
Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Buffalo Wings, A Beer and Listing New Items!

I am happy to report that I am listening to music, happily eating a few buffalo wings AND I have also opened up a Long Trail beer to sip on intermittently while I list all these NEW gorgeous fun items today...check out the pictures below....

I've been thinking about Mountain Girl and my life goals A LOT bad thoughts..just more hopes and dreams sifting through my mind...
I sometimes wish I had my "insert bad word here" more together.  
But I know this is all a long but lovely learning process. Learning how to manage money, supplies, shipping, and taking care of getting my creations out there are all part of this big process.
I appreciate you all for sticking by while I learn, sometimes the hard way, on my  own =)

I didn't always know that this would be how I made my living but I am so happy it is.
I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend...for those of you in the cold...stay warm! And for those of you in the warm weather.....well..I'm just jealous!
<3 Margaret at Mountain Girl

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buy Two Pairs Of Legwarmers..Get The Third Free!

  I just wanted to let you all know that starting tonight for a whole month you can buy two pairs of legwarmers and get the third for free!  

There are over 35 pairs now available for you to choose between in the Mountain Girl store as of tonight!
Here's how it works: Make Sure you check out with three pairs of legwarmers only from the shop...or dare I saw six? Any multiple of three will work.
Apply the coupon: THREELEGWARMER

Here are some pics of the new ones I have just listed in the shop..stock up for winter!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday night
Mountain Girl


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