Friday, February 18, 2011

Here Comes Spring...and 20% off all Mountain Girl Purchases!

Here is my new banner to celebrate the NEW spring clothing I have coming!
Do you like it? Let me know please...
Also....Im happy to let everyone know about a 20% off ENTIRE purchase sale going on at Mountain Girl right now! There are some great new dresses and tops in the shop.
This sale is for all my customers who can't wait to burst out of their winter blues shell!
It was 60 degrees today in NH and I really wanted to spread that warmth to everyone else!

I'm having one of those days where I am a bit ashamed of going to get my hair done...has anyone else ever felt like that? 
I KNOW I needed it trimmed(OKAY and highlighted)..but part of me wanted to call and cancel the appointment so I could save the's still so hard to spend money on MYSELF, is that just part of being a woman...does it ever go away?
...does anyone else ever feel that way? mom sent me this video and it cheered me up from my post salon hangover guilt fest.
This is probably the BEST and funniest video I've seen in a long time....Sangria anyone?


  1. Hi! I love your etsy shop, but I still have yet to purchase something. Soon though!
    I'm a nursing student and stay-at-home mom, so I can totally sympathize with the way you're feeling about spending money on yourself. Here's one way to look at it: You're the face of your company so you want to be able to present a professional image of yourself that you're comfortable with and you're proud of. But more importantly, it's okay to do things for yourself once in a while that make you feel good. Most guys can just wake up and look scruffy and still look good (in my opinion). And as the fairer of the two sexes, we can take more care with our personal grooming and look at it as a way of celebrating our femininity. Women all over the world have different ways of grooming themselves and decorating their bodies. Look at Indian women with their beautiful henna and Egyptian women who apply coal around their eyes. Don't feel bad about spending a little money on yourself every once in a while.

  2. NEVER feel bad about spending money on YOURSELF! Go get your hair did, girlfriend! and i like the banner, everything you do is unique!



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