Thursday, December 23, 2010


Happy Holidays???!! ALREADY??!

To spread the Christmas cheer(even though it snuck up on me!) I am holding a quick two day sale at Mountain Girl for 20% off purchases!  Coupon Code: TWODAYSALE
That means....$16 legwarmers! 
Even MORE savings off of CLEARANCE items AND neckwarmers! 
(Gift Certificates not included in sale)
I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun safe and happy Christmas and New Years!
Here are some items just waiting to be snatched up at the Mountain Girl Store!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Vacation Plans and Coupon Codes

Hello Everyone
   I am just writing to let everyone know that Mountain Girl will be on a mini vacation starting 23rd at Midnight so the shop will be in 'vacation mode' until New Years Day.
Although it says 'vacation mode" I will actually be on anything BUT a vacation.
I am moving to a new house in the middle of a gorgeous farm on a hill hop...horses, ponies, sheep, veggies and old barns...all run by a local family.

     The house is a charming cozy little two bedroom 
with a wood stove!! (Very excited about the wood stove since heating costs in this current house are OUT OF THE ROOF)
So I will be moving the whole Mountain Girl studio along with all the new creations I can't wait to share with everyone the first week of the new year!
Sneak preview sample photos will be coming soon.  I will still be able to reply to convos so if you have any questions..please ask!

In light of my little vacation I am letting all my blog and twitter loves know about a 10% off coupon code for Mountain Girl: TWITTERBLOG
Although it's getting to the point where delivery by Christmas can't be's always very fun to get a little something right after Christmas when you are recovering from post-Christmas holiday hangovers...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Polaroid Friday And Fun Sales!

  Happy it's Friday..?? I AM.
Here are the polaroids from around the house today! I hope you enjoy them...
Just wanted to remind my lovely customers that there is a $5.00 off all Neckwarmers Sale until 2011 AND an extra 20% of clearance items! A steal!
Paisley staying warm
My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Bills Bills...and Paisleys!
The Buddha Bar

My roommates Art Car. She's Amazing.
Out for some Coffee

Volvo Window Frost 1
Volvo Window Frost 2

Paisley in her car blanket..Cozy!
The Forest Wanderer Hat


Friday, December 10, 2010

Polaroid Friday Around The Mountain Girl Homestead

Here are some polaroids from around the homestead today....
I think this will become a weekly post!
Also wanted to mention that all Neck Warmers are $25 or less until New Years Day!! Happy Friday!
Gnome Lives Here.

The Legwarmer Holder.
Travis reading near the space heater(We Currently Have No Heat!...)

Keepin Warm.
Paisley is also bundled and keeping warm.

Coffee Break Time...I'm excited.
We Just Repainted the Side Fence...Snow White For Winter
It's 22 Degrees Out.  Welcome To New Hampshire!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Help Back Mountain Girl on Kickstarter!

Hello Everyone!
  In light of the New Year I have decided that it's high time Mountain Girl sewing studio got a make-over.
I am so thankful for the space I have to work but I KNOW it can be made a lot more functional...YOU CAN HELP!
I am 30% funded and would be so excited to get actually get to my 100% goal.
Back my project on Kickstarter and get some great lovely handmade items in return AND a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Mountain Girl Clothing.
Thanks for your support.
Mountain Girl Studio MakeOver Project
Here are some pictures of the current tightly enclosed MG studio:

Friday, November 26, 2010

15% Off All Legwarmers Until Monday

Hello All!
  I am holding a 15% off sale through Monday for all legwarmers in my store.
Here are a few that are up for grabs:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cleaning Out Shop!

Hello All <3
  Mountain Girl has reached 1,000 sales and to celebrate it's time to clean out shop!
I've moved a bunch of beautiful items to the Clearance section and taking an additional 10% off until Sunday!
I've looked at all the thrift stores around trying to find the biggest sturdiest workspace table but I've yet to find one so I am off to Ikea this weekend.
I love using my grammy's old sewing machine workspace table but I need a bigger one to make my space super functional..I also will need it to double as a cutting table.
I might need to get something as big as a dining room table...although I have NO idea how I will fit it in my studio!
I hope everyone has a great weekend  <3
Here are some fun links I'd like to leave you with!:

Make Crayons out of your old broken ones! I made them in heart shaped pan

I love these do-it-yourself Pom Pom rugs..I am working on one now currently will all my scrap yarns

I dislike calling any big business line, like comcast, verizon etc but this list makes it a heck of a lot less painful: DIAL A HUMAN!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Countdown to 1,000 Sales Event!

I'm so excited to be 10 sales away from 1,000 and to make it special for my customers as well I am offering 10% off any order between 900-1005!
The lucky 1,000th sale will come with many Mountain Girl goodies in the package!
I've also just added some great items to the shop so check them out here.
<3 Margaret
Even Paisley is excited.....She's so excited she's made a music video for you all to enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vermont with Emulsion Apparel

I'm on a little "creative" vacation at the Vermont Emulsion Apparel studio with Chris and Dave!


They are also fellow Mass Art alumni and we both have our clothing lines going.
It's great to have a network of your peers who are in the same business as you, especially these two.
Not only are they both incredibly handsome...they are also just bursting with artist abilities...
They have it DOWN.
and I'm so happy to be around the Emulsion Studios for the next few days.
Eating good food, drinking good beers and sitting next to the fire with woods all around...and lots of clothing projects going on at the same time!
Check it out:
Emulsion Apparel
They are here in VT working on their new line of ladies and gents clothing coming out very very soon with great new graphics...and I've seen a few of their designs and it's seriously awesome.

                                                                        Here are some pictures of their amazing hand screen printed clothing:(for dudes and ladies!)
 Check out all their other apparel or their Tumblr site where Chris is always putting up amazing photos and emulsion updates and their skate videos like the "Dirty Water"!

<3 from VT
Mountain Girl will be back and creating in the studio starting Thursday!

 Photos all stolen from Chris and Dave...but I think it's okay..and they probably won't mind.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don't regret being on Regretsy

I'm not sure if some of you knew I was a feature on Regretsy back in May for my Barefoot Sandals.
It was pretty say the least...
Ouch.  <---check it out here

I check regretsy everyday, I love the website, the woman who runs it, the lively and snark comments...etc
So you'll have to imagine I was sort of shocked to see my feet on their front page at 7 am!
Almost spit my coffee onto my laptop........okay I did spit my coffee onto my laptop.
This might sound funny but I always knew I might be found out by the great Helen Killer(regretsy founder)...just for the simple fact that you can't believe that everyone thinks the stuff you make is great,
Even if you do(which is the most important) and your wonderful customers do(which is equally important) there are always people who have different opinions...and rightfully so!

As the day went on I felt the comments getting harsher, more personal and at times I felt like crying...but didn't!

I was aware that none of those people actually knew me, they just really are into the site, the community there and were just participating and making their day a little less stressfull, on my account yes, but I think we've all done that to someone, or something or at least thought about it at some point!

A lot of the comments posted did actually make me laugh out loud
I think regretsy is a great site because Helen Killer is a reminder to not take life, or yourself, or even things you create too seriously...
It made me step back and actually think...okay...WHAT am I making and WHY am I making it.
Good wake up call.

Lessons learned:
Yes I know barefoot sandals are a bit out there but I whole heartedly LOVE them and think they are great with the right outfit, in the right atmosphere
Always give myself a pedicure before modeling my feet(oops.)
Believe in your craft and what you are making, no matter what
Don't take it personally...even though it's SO hard not to at times
Bad press is STILL good press( I got over 2,000 views to my store that day!)
Laugh at yourself.
A lot.

Thanks for reading, and I want you all to know that my customers are my life, they help me do what i love to do each and everyday.
Margaret at Mountain Girl Clothing

15 Percent off All Neckwarmers and Scarves Til Friday!

Hi All
   Im running a quick little neckwarmer/scarf sale until friday!
Check it out........warm and cozy!
Bohemian Princess Scarf
Purple Moons Neckwarmer

Winter Stars Neckwarmer

Purple Pink Warmth Neckwarmer

Sunday, October 31, 2010


  Im so excited to announce my new etsy store: Mountain Girl Vintage
It will be the sister store to Mountain Girl Clothing and features fine high quality vintage clothing and housewares!
Stop by and Check it Out:


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