Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don't regret being on Regretsy

I'm not sure if some of you knew I was a feature on Regretsy back in May for my Barefoot Sandals.
It was pretty say the least...
Ouch.  <---check it out here

I check regretsy everyday, I love the website, the woman who runs it, the lively and snark comments...etc
So you'll have to imagine I was sort of shocked to see my feet on their front page at 7 am!
Almost spit my coffee onto my laptop........okay I did spit my coffee onto my laptop.
This might sound funny but I always knew I might be found out by the great Helen Killer(regretsy founder)...just for the simple fact that you can't believe that everyone thinks the stuff you make is great,
Even if you do(which is the most important) and your wonderful customers do(which is equally important) there are always people who have different opinions...and rightfully so!

As the day went on I felt the comments getting harsher, more personal and at times I felt like crying...but didn't!

I was aware that none of those people actually knew me, they just really are into the site, the community there and were just participating and making their day a little less stressfull, on my account yes, but I think we've all done that to someone, or something or at least thought about it at some point!

A lot of the comments posted did actually make me laugh out loud
I think regretsy is a great site because Helen Killer is a reminder to not take life, or yourself, or even things you create too seriously...
It made me step back and actually think...okay...WHAT am I making and WHY am I making it.
Good wake up call.

Lessons learned:
Yes I know barefoot sandals are a bit out there but I whole heartedly LOVE them and think they are great with the right outfit, in the right atmosphere
Always give myself a pedicure before modeling my feet(oops.)
Believe in your craft and what you are making, no matter what
Don't take it personally...even though it's SO hard not to at times
Bad press is STILL good press( I got over 2,000 views to my store that day!)
Laugh at yourself.
A lot.

Thanks for reading, and I want you all to know that my customers are my life, they help me do what i love to do each and everyday.
Margaret at Mountain Girl Clothing


  1. You should get a "I survived a Regretsy bashing," banner or something lol. Kudos for not taking it personally and remaining proud of your craft!

  2. ouch! i would personally cry and consider closing down my shop if that were anyone slating my products... :( but well done for staying strong and sticking to your guns... it takes a lotta guts love :) x

  3. Oh sweetie...kudos for you for sucking it up and moving on...
    I have never heard of Regretsy, but it goes to show you where her talent lies, can she actually create anything ? She seems to get her kicks from bashing others...hmmmm
    the word "LLLlO00ooSSSeeEERrrRR" comes to mind...

    keep doing what you are doing... :D

    Mountain Girl Clothing Rocks!

    smile :)



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