Thursday, September 30, 2010

Farmers Market

Yesterday when it was a gorgeous day and not down pouring(like today) I had a great time at the Farmers Market in Peterborogh which I have a Moutain Girl set up every Wednesday.
It's been nice to get out of the sewing studio and enjoy the weather and people!
I've had great luck with it since the start of September and strictly bring only recycled sweater items with me now which seems to get a lot of attention and spark some interest in people passing by.
Here is a little picture of my set up:

It doesn't take me long to set up at all, especially since I purchased one of those cart things!
Im posting many new sweater warmers including gloves, neck warmers and leggies today
Here is a little preview:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow First Post in a LONG TIME!

I've had a really busy summer doing costumes at a children's theater and trying to juggle Mountain Girl at the same time, that's a lot of sewing! But I loved every hectic minute of it.
Now that the summer theater is over with I have FULL TIME to devote to Mountain Girl which I am so excited about.
I'm also excited that its rummage sale season in the next few weeks.  I love rummage sales and show up to get in line first thing in the morning with a huge coffee in hand to hopefully grab some amazing clothing to play with!
Although I am not a graphic designer I've created a new banner in honor of all the beautiful foliage I'm starting to see around me in the Monadnock region.
Here it is:

Today I've risen out of sleepyland bright and early(despite the cloudy dark rain clouds) and I'm ready to do a heck of a lot of sewing!  I made so many new legwarmers yesterday and I'll be posting them tomorrow(Tuesday 9/28).  If you read this blog and decide to purchase a pair mention you read this and I'd love to give you free shipping on them!
Thanks for reading, I'll be posting some goodies tonight before listing them on Etsy so if you'd love first dibs, check back later tonight!


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