Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vermont with Emulsion Apparel

I'm on a little "creative" vacation at the Vermont Emulsion Apparel studio with Chris and Dave!


They are also fellow Mass Art alumni and we both have our clothing lines going.
It's great to have a network of your peers who are in the same business as you, especially these two.
Not only are they both incredibly handsome...they are also just bursting with artist abilities...
They have it DOWN.
and I'm so happy to be around the Emulsion Studios for the next few days.
Eating good food, drinking good beers and sitting next to the fire with woods all around...and lots of clothing projects going on at the same time!
Check it out:
Emulsion Apparel
They are here in VT working on their new line of ladies and gents clothing coming out very very soon with great new graphics...and I've seen a few of their designs and it's seriously awesome.

                                                                        Here are some pictures of their amazing hand screen printed clothing:(for dudes and ladies!)
 Check out all their other apparel or their Tumblr site where Chris is always putting up amazing photos and emulsion updates and their skate videos like the "Dirty Water"!

<3 from VT
Mountain Girl will be back and creating in the studio starting Thursday!

 Photos all stolen from Chris and Dave...but I think it's okay..and they probably won't mind.

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