Friday, November 19, 2010

Cleaning Out Shop!

Hello All <3
  Mountain Girl has reached 1,000 sales and to celebrate it's time to clean out shop!
I've moved a bunch of beautiful items to the Clearance section and taking an additional 10% off until Sunday!
I've looked at all the thrift stores around trying to find the biggest sturdiest workspace table but I've yet to find one so I am off to Ikea this weekend.
I love using my grammy's old sewing machine workspace table but I need a bigger one to make my space super functional..I also will need it to double as a cutting table.
I might need to get something as big as a dining room table...although I have NO idea how I will fit it in my studio!
I hope everyone has a great weekend  <3
Here are some fun links I'd like to leave you with!:

Make Crayons out of your old broken ones! I made them in heart shaped pan

I love these do-it-yourself Pom Pom rugs..I am working on one now currently will all my scrap yarns

I dislike calling any big business line, like comcast, verizon etc but this list makes it a heck of a lot less painful: DIAL A HUMAN!

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