Friday, February 11, 2011

Buffalo Wings, A Beer and Listing New Items!

I am happy to report that I am listening to music, happily eating a few buffalo wings AND I have also opened up a Long Trail beer to sip on intermittently while I list all these NEW gorgeous fun items today...check out the pictures below....

I've been thinking about Mountain Girl and my life goals A LOT bad thoughts..just more hopes and dreams sifting through my mind...
I sometimes wish I had my "insert bad word here" more together.  
But I know this is all a long but lovely learning process. Learning how to manage money, supplies, shipping, and taking care of getting my creations out there are all part of this big process.
I appreciate you all for sticking by while I learn, sometimes the hard way, on my  own =)

I didn't always know that this would be how I made my living but I am so happy it is.
I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend...for those of you in the cold...stay warm! And for those of you in the warm weather.....well..I'm just jealous!
<3 Margaret at Mountain Girl

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