Monday, February 21, 2011

Perfectly Paired Outfit Monday

Hello!  I am so in love with many shops on Etsy but I do have a few all time favorites..I decided it would be fun to combine them all by picking an item from each to create this Monday's "Perfecrtly Paired Outfit"....
Lets start from the ground up:
 Vintage 70s Floral Gingham Patchwork Moccasins..
I love these and Im tempted to buy then
They are from ViralThreads 
and thes amazing leggings by ComaAndCotton: 
and for some extra warmth I'd have to wear a pair of MGC legwarmers 
I had a little trouble picking out a top for this outfit but I KNEW I found it when I browsed through HerbanDevi's handmade clothing! ...yes please!
 last but not least I would wear it all topped off with this amazing necklace from VioletBella and this hat from SwakDesigns..

Post a link to a piece that you would put with this outfit..I want to know!


  1. this outfit looks mighty complete to me! love what you put together, how fun!!!

  2. Very cute, you should do more...haha I know it is easier said than done, especially when you need to sew :)



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