Monday, February 7, 2011

My LIfe as a Foster Dog Mom

Love Is Forever.

You might know that I create and design clothing as that is a huge passion of mine but I am also a full time foster dog mom as well!
I have my dog, Paisley(rescued from PR), she is my forever dog and I am her forever mom.
But please meet Spunky, my current lovely foster dog:
She is a Jack Russell Terrier mix and is 7, full of love, life and ready for a loving family.
She gets along with Paisley wonderfully and is a great short term addition to our cottage on the farm!

If you are not familiar with fostering, it is a great way to care and love for orphaned dogs who are in between a shelter and a forever home.
You can foster a dog anywhere from a few weeks to even a few months...however long it may take the rescue program to find a perfect forever home for them.

It gives these amazing dogs an opportunity to get out of a shelter style life and into a loving home where they can be cared for and loved on a one on one basis to prepare them for a long term home.
It's great to get a dog who has been fostered because the foster family can tell you all you need to know about the dog's behaviors and quirks because they actually LIVED with the dog and know it like their own.

Rescues and shelters are always looking for great volunteers to foster their dogs, cats etc because no animal ever really WANTS to be in a shelter environment although some have no choice.
If you think you might be interested in fostering a dog you can get in contact with your local rescues and shelters and through

I encourage anyone who is even considering getting a dog to maybe foster a dog first, since it is a short term deal, you can see how a dog would fit into your life to make sure you are making a forever decision  which is best for you and the animal
I LOVE puppies but consider adopting or fostering a dog if you haven't before because there are so many wonderful dogs out there who can't wait to be loved...

Thanks for reading! 


  1. So inspiring! I've always wanted to be a foster mommy but I can't have pets in my current apartment. So I'm a volunteer dog-walker at the local shelter instead. Thanks for sharing your love with animals!

  2. That's awesome Julie! What are the dogs like that you walk? Its great that you've still found a way to love the doggies despite the apartment doesn't allow them!

  3. Hi Margaret,
    this is so sweet and touching...I love animals too! I have two dogs, Chanel and Belle...I sort of have a rescue cat at the moment which showed up on my front porcha and we have been feeding him since, it's been two years now! I can't have him in the house since I am severely allergic but he has a nice warm spot in the garage :D



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