Thursday, February 3, 2011

Introducing: Mountain Girl "Peaced Together" Backpacks

Happy Almost Friday Everyone!
I had a great day sewing yesterday and have created a new item for the shop! 
Peaced Together Backpacks using ethnic and exotic fabric scraps that I have complied over the last few years.  There was a HUGE pile and I am so happy to finally have a home for all of the lovely little scraps.

They consist of lots of handwoven Peruvian cottons, Mexican patterns and embroidery, silks, metallic appliqued scraps and of course lots of colorful vintage bag pouches and woven wallets that I've added onto the fronts for pockets.
I will be posting them this afternoon! 
If you'd like to know exactly when then add me on Twitter and they will automatically be tweeted to you as I list them(same with all my new listings!) 
OR check out the shop
Love you guys! 
P.s I know this dress is amazing, I got it Here. And Love it.



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