Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Shoot at Mindfull Books and Ephemera

After waking up this morning to freezing rain I said THAT'S IT!  
I'm going to go to the most interesting warm and cozy place I know and I will take my Mountain Girl pics inside...
Luckily the most interesting place i know is less then a 10 minute drive from my house...well...15 if you count the Volvo trudging behind many plows through the mucky mess in the roads..
I went to Mindfull Books and Ephemera  and the owner John(he runs it with his amazing wife Martha) was wonderful and allowed us to do our shoot there...with some really tasty coffee!
My beautiful friend Heather Miller created this hand painted sign and has many more amazing paintings inside as well!
You can see some more of her work here at Heady Art Works 
Mindfull Books and Ephemera is a community shop with a cozy bohemian atmosphere(perfect for Mountain Girl!), where you can sip a cup of java(or tea if that's your thing) surrounded by used and vintage books, paper, art, collectibles, music and gorgeous bright colors adorning the walls!
PS. even the toilet seat cover is multicolor in pink tones, I almost died when I first saw it and have been searching high and low for my own since
sigh...I have no life. 

Here are some pictures we took this morning(items to be posted this afternoon!):

If you are local (around the Southern  NH Area) sure to check out Mindfull's frequent Psychic Fairs including tea leaf readings and hand readings...I love it!

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  1. Hiya!
    I love the clothing...also the atmosphere - I live in the Catskill Mtns...and how I wish we had somewhere so cool to be able to hang, instead I look out my window and pray for the ice and snow to melt :)

    Nice posting...also you have amazing hair!!!!



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