Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Found: Salvation Army Trip

Here are some AMAZING finds today...and I didn't spend more then $40 on everything combined! 
Outfit #1:
 -Wrap Floral Print Vintage Polyester Blouse: $3.50 with a matching tie! (had to snatch this one off the mannequin...always feel weird doing that!)
-Amazing Orange Vintage VELVET high waisted bell bottoms...$5!!!  Probably my new favorite pants...

Outfit #2: 
-Handmade Girly Crochet Hat: $1
-Floral Print Thermal: $3
-Woven Fringe Scarf/Hip Wrap: $2
-White supser soft and long legwarmers: $1

Here are my FAVORITE finds of the day: 

-AMAZING vintage black and white print/fur lace up winter boots....for $6!! I almost died when I saw these AND they fit perfectly
-Silver Metallic Leggings...$2  they sparkle in the sunshine....


This little lounging vintage Kewpie babe was just sitting there waiting for me to pick him up at the Salvation Army today!
And these very cute Raggedy Ann and Andy Mini Twin Piggy Banks...

I can't quite figure out if they are VERY adorable or VERY creepy yet....
What do you think?
Mountain Girl


  1. Great finds!!! You're so lucky with the boots- that almost never happens! My opinion on the Raggedy Ann/Andy... I think it could go either way. Mostly cute, I could totally see them in my kids room, but also being vintage they have seen too much of life to be completely innocent=) Really I think they are very cute.

  2. I think they are cute to...but they have those strange eyes that follow you all around the room! =)

  3. wow you really know how to find some amazing finds margaret!I love when you show off your finds.

  4. I love the Raggedy Ann/Andy...the eyese remind me of the old kitchen cat wall clocks, remember the eyes would move...hah
    I love all of your finds! You are so lucky that you are petite...I am very tall wear a size large and we all know that vintage items are on the small size, also I wear a size 9 shoe...:(
    cool boots!

    Great finds! Thanks for sharing...



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