Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bell's Palsy Dream and What Does It All Mean

It is just one of those weeks....
I've been having the strangest dreams including one where I had Bell's Palsy which is a facial Paralysis virus.
Rarely do I ever really recall actually SEEING my own face in my dreams but I did last night and it was all swollen and strange because of being numb...
Eventually in the dream I couldn't really talk or communicate with other people around me..
but there was this guy who was trying to make out with me regardless...
Then my right arm started to go numb as well..

Is anyone else experiencing those strange kinds of dreams? 
Do you think dreams mean certain things?
I am still trying to figure out if they actually did mean something or if I've just been drinking a bit to much wine and not going to the gym enough...
At any's been a rough week for my heart, head and soul...but especially my heart.

I still find joy and happiness in my work though...and I hope it comes through for all the items I've been creating this week...
Hope you enjoy the new threads....They are all(or will be very shortly in the shop)

PS...went to the Cambridge MA Goodwill and it was AMAZING...found so many great items including this vintage blouse...! 
I know this is an awkward pose but it was first thing in the morning and coffee had not taken it's effect quite yet...
<3 You all and it makes me so happy to get up every morning and sew...if I've got my sewing machine and my dog..Im ALL good..
things will get better.


  1. Wow, that is a scary dream. Maybe you are yearning for more freedom of expression, or feeling confined somehow. That is how I have been feeling and I have been noticing this theme in some of my artwork coming through in like bird cages and luggage. I do hope that you feel better soon=) And I love these new clothes and all of your creations. They are very inspirational.

  2. funny you mentioned bad dreams,for the last week I have had awful dreams myself I cant even mention them in I understand what you are going through.I hope things turn around for you soon for the better.I love those new shirts you are making I am hopeing to find one in my size soon :)you are so talented!

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  4. Woohaa just had the same thing happened to me but I was in a lucid Dreams that I controlled but didn't knew I was dreaming. Kinda like inception movie. I was in my loft and my left side was paralysed. I did à search about bell's palsy and dream and got your comment heh. Strange, By the way nice clothes heh

  5. I had a dream last night. I was looking at myself and my face was numb on left side. When I woke I actually thought of stroke but later I remembered bells palsy and my Dad had that in his 40's. It's caused from a virus or herpes simplex 1. Basically the dream is telling us to stop fearing what we are holding inside of us. Be confident in who we are! Speak our voice and put our faces out there for people to see. Don't be ashamed of who we are!



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