Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I Wore and Other Farm Adventures

I love blog posts that show what people are wearing and where they got the items, I always find them inspiring with how they put together all the clothing they wore....
I thought I would do my own little What I Wore...Tuesday Morning style:

What I Wore :
White Pom Pom Hat-Found it in the closet while cleaning out the old house
Camel Print Fair Isle Tunic Tee- Free People
Slouchy Sweater- Urban Outfitters in the Bargain Basement by Neil Something?
York Beach Maine sweats- Salvation Army 
Merrell Fur Thinsulate Winter Boots- Also Found While Cleaning out the old house-perfect fit, free and super warm.

Here are some more pictures taken from around the red house on the farm...hope you enjoy...
The wood stove and Mountain Girl studio room...sooooo cozy. 
Working on a new piece...
Mountain Girl Material Storage
Organized Chaos....
Coffee In The Kitchen With Trav
Roommate coffee cheers! 
Jon taking some measurements for Trav's new tattoo...
Wood pile....indoors...thankfully!

Gorgeous maple tree with swings outside the window
The Little Red House. I love it so much.

The Driveway....the horse farm is right across the field
Henry the Horse and Peter The Pony
Dairy Barn and Mountains...
The chopping block...

Paisley's Arthritis Booties and Jackets <3
Thanks for sharing some of your day with Mountain Girl...there will be NEW items posted TODAY!
Can't wait to share them with you! 


  1. your place looks so fun! i would actually love to live on a farm... it just seems so cosy and homely :)


  2. What an amazing place to live- you are so lucky! I only dream of living somewhere like this....

  3. I am happy you now have a much bigger creative space, I know how important that is. I love your place, I also live in the country (Catskill Mtns) so I absolutely love all of your pics both inside and out...Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow how cute is your place! so cozy,I also live on a farm we have cows,goats,chickens, pigs,and two crazy labs.I cant wait to see pics in the spring and summer its looks so beautiful there.

  5. I adore you and your blog, and will make a post about you soon ;) Much success in fulfilling your dreams! ❤



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