Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I Made For $1: Recycled Tshirt Tote Bag

This Thursday's What I Made For $1 is a lot of fun...and it only takes about five minutes to create!
Recycled Tshirt Shopping Tote
I got this pretty blue spiral tie dye at the Salvation Army for .99 and thought it would look great as a shopping tote.  No sewing Machine required!
I've seen this done many different ways but this is the way I do it, and I'd love to pass it along to you!

You Will Need: 
1 Tshirt
Sewing Machine Or Serger Or Needle and Thread
Five Minutes of Uninterrupted Creative Bliss

Here are the steps:

1: Lay Tshirt Flat On Table
2: Cut Sleeves Of Leaving Serge Stitched Edge on Tshirt
3: Repeat Step 2 for other sleeve
4: Cut neckline in a U shape in the desired depth you'd like(don't cut to low or items might fall out of your bag!)
5: Cut the finished hems off of both sleeves and put aside for later (they will serve has cute little ties for the straps)

6: Cut bottom of tshirt off in a semi curve
7: Turn Tshirt inside out and pin bottom of tshirt into four inward facing folds(or more smaller folds if you'd like

8: Serge, sew with your machine OR hand stitch the bottom of the tshirt together.  
9: Turn Tshirt right side out 
10: Take the sleeve hems that you previously cut of tie them around the straps of the tshirt

11: It should look like this when you are finished! 
Here are some pictures of the completed tie dye bag!

Margaret at MGC


  1. Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. thats so great thank you for showing how to do!I am gping to try this myself!



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