Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet and Greet: Alissa From Upcycled AKL

Photo By: Brandon Alperin

Aside from having the best hair I've ever seen in my life,
Alissa Laughlin from UpcycledAKL makes amazing one of a kind jewelry.
I hope you all enjoy this interview and her gorgeous creations...
p.s I just bought this listing from her and Im so excited to see what comes in the mail! 
Tell us a little about yourself:
 Hellooo! My name is Alissa Laughlin. I am a third generation studio artist currently living in Philly. I work with a variety of mediums including acrylic painting, installation work, and photography. I have recently been getting into fiber art and just launched an upcycled jewelry line. All of my materials are made from old clothing, vintage fabrics, and other rescued material that I turned into jewelry. 

What drives your artistic process? What inspires you? Or who inspires you?
I can’t really pin point what drives my artistic process. I use everything as some type of inspiration. Ever since I was little I have always had the urge to create things. My mother and grandmother (who are also artists) introduced me to many aspects of the arts at an early age. I spent a lot of time observing their projects and ideas, which helped me develop my craft. I remember thinking how weird my mother was when she came up from her studio with nude figure drawings and hand made puppets. After a series of mannequin installations I exhibited, I realized I totally turned into one of those weirdos and I love it. I have learned to work with a lot of color to express an idea or emotion. I enjoy arriving at a finished piece on a very symbolic/abstracted way. My mom taught me a lot about finding your own voice through art and I think the interaction of color is what touches me the most. 

Besides creating your art, what do you do?
I am back in school for a post BA certification. I am studying digital media for web and print which is helping me become more tech savvy so I can get into more commercial work. I am also in the process of starting my own art coop in Philly with my brother. We are buying space where we can create an environment that houses studio units and helps local artists promote their work. It is a big project to take on but I want to embark on work that sees things in a bigger picture. Life is too short to limit my potential. 

Do you sell/display your work anywhere else online or locally? 
I am selling a series of underwater photographs around Philly including local restaurants and coffee shops. I am selling my jewelry line on etsy as well. I have turned into an accidental free lancer. 

Where do you do your work? In a studio space, your room etc? and how do you keep it organized?
I have a studio in a big industrial warehouse right down the road from my apartment. It is super convenient and helpful to have my own space that I can make a mess in. It is not clean but it is somewhat organized…? I am slowly coming to grips that I am incapable of being a spotless person when it comes to art making . I sometimes get stressed out or overwhelmed when everything is all over the place . I am a very visual person. When my room, closet, or studio is clean I feel like my head has more clarity to start a project but it’s usually the other way around. 

Where would you like to be in five years...ten years?
I would like to be a successful owner of my studio/gallery business. I see myself running events that involve community building and make a difference in the arts in this city. I just want to really put my self out there in the world and become involved with everything! I wouldn’t mind being on a billboard or front page of a magazine smiling with my jewelry line. I also wouldn’t mind traveling the world to get more culture or art inspired ideas going. So much to do! 

Visit Alissa's Shop Here:
Visit Alissa's Art Site Here Which Should Be Up and Running Soon:

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