Monday, April 4, 2011

Interview with White Moth Gallery

Monday Night Interview with Candace Miller from White Moth Gallery:
"Protected" Original Oil Painting
 She is incredibly talented and has a such a wonderful heart and spirit.  I hope you all enjoy reading:
Tell Me A little About Yourself? 
I am 30 years old; yikes!! I was born in Cody, WY and lived there until I
was 19; after that I have moved around the country many times. Wandering
aimlessly yet with purpose is what I do best after my artwork and being married
to my wonderful husband Daniel Anderson for the past 6 years. I met him when I
moved to Savannah, GA......the first time; my financial aid fell through last
minute to The Savannah College of Art and Design, so I essentially became
homeless and therefore had to get a job. Daniel hired me for that job at the
Country Inn and Suites, but we didn't start dating until a month after I left
that job. A year later I moved back to Cody when I found out my grandmother got
breast cancer, so that I could help take care of her. She beat the cancer, but 4
months later my mother was diagnosed with a very rare kind of breast cancer.
Unfortunately, she was taken by the cancer last May at age 48. I will miss her
horribly; I have done many pieces of artwork dedicated to my mother or breast
cancer awareness.
Candace's Husband Over Looking Yellowstone Lake

What drives your artistic process? What inspires you? Or who inspires you?
Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have been creating in one way or
another. Making artwork is like cheap compared to
seeing a shrink. Everyone and everything inspires me; most artists operate by
osmosis.....absorbing places, people, and experiences like a sponge. It's pretty
easy to know what's going on in my mind by the kind of work I'm creating. 

  Besides creating your art, what do you do?
 Other than creating artwork, I love love love to travel and take in all that
life has to offer. I love roadtrips; stopping at cheasy tourist attractions
makes me giddy. I also spend a lot of time with my sister, Chelsea and my
nephew, Caden. Spending lots of time watching terrible old horror movies with my
hubby is my favorite pastime though; Alligator People may be the best one.
"A Child Shall Lead Them" Oil Painting

When did you know you were an artist?
I grew up in a family where almost everyone was artistically talented in one
way or another, so I didn't know I had any artistic talent until I started
"The Cure" Oil Painting

Where do you do your artwork? In a Studio space, spare room of your house etc? and how do you keep it organize?
All of my painting is done hunched over my canvas covered coffee table in my
living room or on the floor. I have to go all the way to Cody to do any of my
metal work; that's were my biological father, Jeff, lives. We work out of a
steel grainery; he taught me all I know about metal sculpture. There is
absolutely no organization in my world; no space for such a thing, but I do pine
for a studio.
"Bwana Jezu"

What are your loves and frustrations with having an Etsy shop? and do you sell/display your work anywhere else?

 The only thing that frustrates me about Etsy is that I have a hard time
selling anything on there; I can almost never get a showcase spot, and since it
only lasts for a day I can't get enough exposure. I do sell some of my work on
ebay from time to time, and I also take my work to local galleries. I dream
about owning my own gallery when we move back east, but I do have to sell enough
work for a down payment on a building first. Personal portraits are also another
way I am trying to build a little nest egg.
Please check out  White Moth Gallery Here

"The Hand Of Truth Blurs The Lines Of My Reality" Oil Painting



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