Friday, April 1, 2011

New Friday Items and Very Exciting News With Revolve Vintage Shop!

Hello!  Two great puzzle pieces of news today.....New Items Posting this afternoon(finally!) AND I'm very excited to announce the merger of Revolve Vintage and Mountain Girl Clothing in Keene NH! I'll be selling a few racks of Mountain Girl Clothing for all the lovely ladies in the area in a REAL storefront! I've been having trouble sleeping because of all the ideas I've got about this floating around my brain! 

Revolve Vintage is an amazing store and Mike has done a really phenomenal job with it...if you notice the Etsy shop looks a little cleaned out that's because I've been slowly transferring a few items into Revolve Vintage....No worries though! Mountain Girl on Etsy will still be in FULL force and I'll be posting the same amount of items each week just twice a week instead of a few items each day
Here are pics of the lovelies being posted today and look below them to see pictures of some new shop displays ! It looks GREAT in there!
Another great thing (or dangerous thing) about Revolve is that it is RIGHT next store to the talented fellows of Art For Life Tattoo Shop Maybe there is a slim possibility for more lovely pieces of art for life in the future....(just kidding mom?) Whoops!

Sorry about the poor pic quality...believe it or not it was SNOWING this morning I could not for the life of me bring myself to go outside...I'll reshoot after the snow goes away but this will have to do for now...<3
Here are the shop pics:

Sorry! Had to throw this one in of Paisley Lynn! 

Everyone have an amazing weekend!! If you are in the area PLEASE check out Revolve Vintage and Art For Life on Cypress street in Keene!


  1. congrats on the success! the new stuff looks great too. :)

  2. WOW honey congrats thats awesome,I wish you so much success!!

  3. Congrats, wish you well...sounds AWESOME -
    you better get to sewing!!! ;)

    Paisley is a cutie - lookes quite comfy...



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